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Most important rules

The default system for determining the game handicap as well as the explanations of the different types of betting can be found here.

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  1. The calculation method is particularly unusual. In short, your handicap index will in future be determined as the mean of the best eight out of your last twenty handicap-relevant results. The average recalculation after each round helps determine your current skill level. Positive outliers are put into perspective, while negative outliers may be disregarded.

  2. Accordingly, your scoring record will soon only contain the latest 20 entries. If there are fewer than twenty results, your handicap index will be calculated using a narrower database, e.g. B. If there are up to five entries, the lowest is used. With seven to eight results the average of the best two counts, with fifteen to sixteen tournament entries the average of the lowest five.

  3. By switching to the WHS, the previous EGA requirement loses its validity. This means that the previous handicap classes are no longer applicable and players in the old handicap class 1 can also play handicap-relevant private rounds and take part in nine-hole tournaments.

  4. The handicap rules show its strengths particularly when it comes to frequent tournaments. The more results you achieve, the more precisely the handicap index reflects your current skill level. This is the only way to ensure fair play in the competition for net placements. Therefore, from 2021 onwards, all single stroke play tournaments (also after Stableford) from May to September are always handicap-relevant. Within Germany, the values earned are automatically recorded and included in the software. You only have to submit the results to your home club yourself when you are abroad.

  5. Again, only the top eight of the last twenty results will affect your handicap index, the twelve worse rounds will be ignored. Therefore: Play as many handicap-relevant rounds as possible and have fun!  


  1. The handicap rules are based on the most successful elements of its six predecessors that have been in use to date. Therefore, some things will sound familiar to you.

  2. The European Golf Association (EGA) has insisted that the maximum handicap remain at 54.

  3. National associations can also decide in the future whether the increase in a handicap should be stopped at a certain value. The German Golf Association (DGV) sets this mark unchanged at 26.5. Above this limit, you can only improve your handicap. Once you have fallen below this limit, your handicap will increase to a maximum of 26.5. Both regulations do not apply if you want an increase yourself with justified reasons.

  4. The handicap-relevant game formats will not change. The single stroke game, the popular Stableford stroke game, the maximum score and the rarely played par or bogey games are evaluated.

  5. You don't have to do without the handicap-relevant rounds over nine holes, which are increasingly popular.

  6. Detailed information in the following  Video.

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