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Competition rules

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Playing conditions

The game is played according to the official golf rules (including amateur statute) of the German Golf Association and the course rules of the Golf Club Bad Mergentheim eV

The competitions are organized on the basis of the DGV system of rules and the rules of the Golf Club Bad Mergentheim eV that are valid on the day of the competition and published on the info board.

Eligibility to participate

Amateurs who are members of a club affiliated to the DGV as well as members of recognized domestic or foreign golf clubs with confirmed game specifications are eligible to participate.

Limitation of guidelines for internal club competitions

Club members with a maximum handicap of -45 (club handicap)

Handicap limitation for open competitions

Club members with a maximum handicap of -45 (club handicap)

Guests with a maximum of -45 (DGV requirement)


The announcement (Info Board) is binding for details of the staging of competitions. From it it follows:


  • Type of competition and handicap effectiveness

  • Eligibility and default classes

  • Entry fee and registration deadline

At the same time as the announcement, the registration list is displayed on the info board, in which every applicant enters their surname, first name and handicap.

Messages, message list

  • by entry  in the entry list laid out in the clubhouse

  • through registration form  - in the case of corresponding competitions

  • by phone  - received in the club secretariat

  • by email  - received in the club secretariat

  • through internet  - received in the club secretariat


A waiting list is kept for competitions with a limited number of participants.

Registration deadline

The date and time for the registration deadline can be found in the respective competition announcement.

Start list

The starting order is determined by the respective game management. The corresponding starting list will be posted on the day before the competition from around 12 noon in the clubhouse.
The start list shows:


  • Name and handicap of all applicants

  • exact start times for all applicants

Counting card

The personal scoring card must be picked up in the secretariat or from the starter and returned to the secretariat immediately (rule 6.6) after the end of the round.

Default effectiveness

If the "technical prerequisites" according to the DGV specification system are met on our site, the competitions are effective.

Entry fee

The amount of the entry fee can be found in the respective competition announcement. In principle, the entry fee must be paid before the start. Registered participants who cancel their participation after the registration deadline are not exempt from paying the entry fee.


If the results are the same, the best hard / light holes decide:

1,18,3,16,5,14,7,12 and 9.

As stored in the tournament software.

End of the competition

The competitions are over with the conclusion of the award ceremony or with the posting of the complete result lists. Protests or complaints can be submitted to the game management up to a maximum of 20 minutes after the result lists have been posted.

Game management

The members of the game management are named in the respective competition announcement. The game management is responsible for the proper execution of the competition. It is not responsible for disadvantages that applicants suffer due to ignorance of these competition rules.
The game management decides in disputed cases  (Rule 34-3).

Subject to change

In justified cases, the game management has the right to change the course rules, to redefine or change the start times, to change the terms and conditions or to issue special competition announcements.

The game management is not responsible for disadvantages that competition participants or applicants suffer as a result of ignorance of these conditions or the notices.

We reserve the right to make changes to the general tender.

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