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Protection of the golf course

  • No trial turns on the tees

  • Mending pitch marks

  • Put back divots

  • Smooth out and level the bunker tracks with the rake

  • Do not cross greens, pre-greens and tees with a caddy or electric car

  • Protection of new plantings and new seeds

In the event of a breach of etiquette, the game committee and the court supervisor are entitled to issue a court ban.

Safety and consideration on the golf course

  • Playing with driving range balls on the course is prohibited and will be punished with a ban on golf courses.

  • Do not play until the players in front of you are out of reach.

  • It is in the general interest to play without delay.

  • When looking for a ball, let the following flights play through quickly.

  • Leave the green immediately after completing the hole.

  • Only fill out scorecards at the next tee.

  • Attention must be paid to clothing that is suitable for golf.

  • Please watch out for walkers, cyclists and riders.

  • Basically: priority for players on the regular round (e.g. at tee 10).

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