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Place rules

Black and White Star in Circle

Off (Rule 2 "The Place")

Place boundaries are marked by a fence and / or white stakes / lines.

Furthermore, the following applies as an off:

  • Hole 1: The out of bounds begins directly after the fence on the left side in the direction of play. The fence is an immovable barrier. At the end of the fence, the parking lot and the driveway are out of bounds.

  • Hole 3: The out of bounds on the right side in the direction of play is marked by white stakes (analogous to the previous left edge of the path).

Movable Obstacles (Rule 15.2)

  • Arithmetic requirements

  • all posts and pegs, except those indicated by the “out” and “distance markings”

Immovable obstacles  (Rule 16.1)

  • Streets and paths with artificially created surfaces, including bark mulch (e.g. hole 5 to the right above the green, hole 6 to the right of the green, hole 9 hiking trail behind the green)

  • Protective grille

  • Trees and shrubs are immovable obstacles only when a rope or wire connects a tree and / or shrub to a support pole

  • Irrigation and drainage systems, benches, waste paper baskets, ballwashers, boundary stones, stairs, high seats, pump houses, signs and  Wild boar fences !

Components of the place

Areas with bark mulch around trees and bushes

Ground under repair (Rule 16.1)

Ground under repair is indicated by blue stakes and / or white chalking. Ground under repair that cannot be played is marked by blue stakes with green caps. 

Penalty Areas

Yellow penalty areas are indicated by yellow lines and / or yellow stakes.

Red penalty areas are indicated by red lines and / or red stakes.


The moat at hole 7 is a red penalty area for hole 6. The yellow penalty area on hole 5 is a red penalty area for hole 4.


Will  the ball played on hole 5 in the red marked penalty area (left of the bridge, behind green 4) or if it is almost certain that the ball that was not found came to rest in this penalty area, the drop Use the zone to the left of the bridge in the direction of play.

The drop zone is a relief area under rule 14.3. Other possibilities of relief are ruled out.

Provisional ball on hole 7

In order not to unduly delay the game, the play of a provisional ball is permitted for a player who can be in the yellow penalty area! If the player finds his ball in this area, he can play it as it is or continue playing his provisional ball, but cannot take the relief under Rule 17.1.d. 
If the ball has flown / rolled in flight or on the ground from the left side in the direction of play into the red penalty area, a provisional ball is not permitted and action must be taken in accordance with Rule 17. If another ball is played anyway, this ball is immediately in play! 

Power lines

If it is known or almost certain that a player's ball hit the overhead power line or the power pole on the site during play on hole 2 / hole 9, the stroke does not count.

The player  got to  play a ball from the spot where it was hit before (Rule 14.6).

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