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  1. Name and seat

    1. The club bears the name "Golf Club Bad Mergentheim e.V." and is entered in the register of associations at the Bad Mergentheim District Court under no. 281 on January 4th, 1971.
      The association is based in Igersheim.

  2. Purpose

    1. The association exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes within the meaning of the section "Tax-privileged purposes" of the tax code: The purpose of the association is to promote golf. The purpose of the statutes is achieved in particular through the establishment and maintenance of a golf course and its facilities, as well as through the promotion of the game of golf.

    2. The association is selflessly active, it does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes.

    3. The association's funds may only be used for statutory purposes. The members do not receive any benefits from the association's funds.

    4. No member may be favored by expenses that are alien to the purpose of the association or by disproportionately high remuneration.

    5. The association may build up reserves as far as this is necessary in order to be able to sustainably fulfill the tax-privileged statutory purposes.

  3. Fiscal year
    The financial year is the calendar year. The first financial year ends on December 31, 1970.

  4. Membership
    The members of the association are divided into

    1. Ordinary members

    2. Associate members

    3. Second members

    4. Honorary members

    5. Remote members

    6. Corporate members

    The following provisions apply to the respective membership:

    1. Ordinary members must have reached the age of 18, should confirm their work in the association and practice golf.

    2. Extraordinary members are:

      1. young members who have not yet reached the age of 18.

      2. Members from 19 to 27 years of age in training / military service, etc.

      3. sponsoring and passive members who support the club's activities without practicing golf.

      4. Extraordinary members can also be legal persons, companies or associations.

    3. Anyone who can be shown to be a full member of another German golf club can become a second member.

    4. Honorary members are appointed by the general assembly on the basis of their special services to the association at the request of the board.

    5. Long-distance members are people whose center of life is 100 km and further away from Igersheim and who are not members of any other golf club affiliated to the DGV.

    6. Company members are legal persons or partnerships, they name the players who are entitled to play. The board decides on the applications.

  5. Acquisition and termination of membership

    1. Any innocent person can become a member of the association.

    2. The written application for membership - on association forms - is to be sent to the board of directors. In the case of minors - up to the age of 18 - the application must also be signed by the legal representative. With his signature, the minor undertakes to pay the minor.

    3. The board decides on the admission. The applicant will be informed of the result of the decision in writing. The board of directors is not obliged to inform the applicant of any reasons for rejection.

    4. Membership expires through death, voluntary resignation, deletion from the list of members and exclusion, in the case of legal persons, societies, associations also through dissolution.

    5. The resignation must be declared in writing to the board of directors. It is only permitted at the end of a calendar year. It should be reported by October 31 of each year at the latest.

    6. Reasons for exclusion are in particular:

      1. Arrears with the payment obligation according to the articles of association and the contribution regulations;

      2. repeated violations of the statutes and the interests of the association.

    7. The intended cancellation and exclusion resolution is to be communicated to the member concerned in writing, with the possibility of expressing himself / herself within 4 weeks of receipt.

    8. The members' liability is limited to the association's assets. Resigning members are not entitled to a share of the association's assets or to repayment of their donations.

  6. Members' rights
    Each member has the right to use the club facilities, to participate in club events and to introduce guests in accordance with the statutes, house rules and regulations. Ordinary members have active and passive voting rights.

  7. Contributions, admission fee, annual fee and levy

    1. The amount of the admission fee, the annual fee, any levies and investment levies for the current year are decided by the general meeting. Until a new resolution is passed, the amount of the levy and contributions remain unchanged. An investment allocation can also be set for new members after the investment has been completed, provided that the investment that was financed before their entry still brings sustainable benefits.

    2. The contributions of the extraordinary members, second members, remote members and company members are determined by the board of directors.

    3. The maximum limits for admission fees, membership fees, membership fees are to be observed within the meaning of § 52 Paragraph 1 AO.

    4. The annual fee is due four weeks after the annual general meeting. Contrary to sentence 1, the board of directors can collect the annual fee in four equal installments on the 15th of March, June, September and December. Contrary to sentences 1 and 2, the board of directors can from January 1, 2016 collect the annual fee in monthly installments on the 3rd working day of each month. Payments can only be made with direct debit. Should this be terminated by the member or not be feasible, the entire annual fee for the respective year is due.

    5. The board of directors is authorized to defer, reduce or waive the annual fee for a member who has got into a financial emergency on application for the time of the emergency.

    6. Eligibility to play depends on the timely receipt of the payments according to § 7 No. 4.

    7. In the event of unsportsmanlike conduct by a member, the board of directors can impose a temporary and / or temporary ban on tournaments at the suggestion of the gaming committee.

  8. Association organs
    The organs of the association are:

    1. the board

    2. the general assembly

    3. the honorary committee

  9. Board of Directors

    1. The board consists of:

      1. President

      2. Vice President

      3. Chief Financial Officer

      4. Board of Directors Youth

      5. Head of Sports

      6. Head of Course

      7. Head of Marketing and Public relations

    2. The legal representative of the association within the meaning of § 26 BGB is the president and the vice-president. You represent the association alone in and out of court in accordance with Section 26 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

    3. Only ordinary members and honorary members can be elected to the board of directors.

    4. The board members are elected by the general assembly for a period of 3 years. Re-election is permitted.

    5. If a board member resigns, a replacement election must be held at the next general meeting. The term of office of the elected person ends with the term of office of the other board members.

    6. The board member remains in office until a successor is elected.

  10. Duties of the board

    1. The board of directors conducts the business of the association. He gives himself rules of procedure. His work is voluntary. Any expenses incurred can be reimbursed.

    2. The President - if he is unable to do so, the Vice-President - calls the board meeting in writing with the agenda.

    3. The board has a quorum if three board members are present. It takes its decisions with a majority of the votes cast. In the event of a tie, the vote of the respective chairman decides.

    4. Minutes are to be kept of the board meeting and signed by the chairman and the secretary.

  11. Committees

    1. The board of directors can set up committees to support, advise and carry out its tasks.

      1. Game management and handicap committee

      2. Advertising, press and public relations

      3. Game guides for all departments: Active - women and senior departments

      4. Youth warden

    The areas of responsibility are defined in the respective rules of procedure.

  12. Honorary Committee
    The general assembly elects an honorary committee. He becomes active when members contradict decisions of the board according to. Appeal to § 5 No. 6 and No. 7. The honorary committee makes final and majority decisions.

  13. General meeting

    1. The required general assembly takes place every year, if possible within the first three months of the financial year. The board of directors must announce the invitations in writing 14 days in advance, stating the agenda, by means of a simple letter or e-mail. The invitation is deemed to have been made in the correct form and in due time and is deemed to have been received by the member if it was sent three working days before the end of the invitation period to the address or email address last notified to the association by the member. Incorrect or outdated addresses are borne by the member.

    2. The agenda must contain:

      1. Submission of the annual report

      2. Report of the treasurer and the auditor,

      3. Discharge of the board of directors,

      4. Election of the board of directors and the auditor, if required by the statutes.

      5. Determination of the annual fees

      6. Approval of the budget

      7. Report on sporting and social events

      8. Requests

    3. Applications to change the statutes or dissolution of the association can only be voted on if they have been communicated to the members with the invitation.

    4. The general assembly has a quorum if at least 1/10 of the voting members are present.

    5. The general assembly takes its decisions with the majority of the given yes and no votes. Attitudes and invalid votes are not counted. In the event of a tie, the President has the casting vote and, if he is prevented from doing so, the Vice-President has the casting vote.
      A majority of two thirds of the yes and no votes cast is required for amendments to the statutes and for the dissolution of the association.

    6. An extraordinary general meeting must be called if:

      1. the board deems it necessary

      2. 1/10 of the members entitled to vote submit this in writing with the agenda to the board.

    7. Minutes must be drawn up about the negotiation of the general assembly and the resolutions made in it, which are signed by the chairman of the meeting and the secretary. These minutes are to be announced to the next general meeting.

      13a Authorization to issue association regulations

      1. The association can give itself association rules to regulate the internal association processes. In particular, the following association regulations can be issued:

        • Rules of the game

        • House and space rules

        • Data protection guidelines, in particular for the collection and processing of members' personal data by the Golf Club Bad Mergentheim eV and the German Golf Association eV

      2. The board of directors decides on the enactment, suspension and amendment of association regulations.

  14. Liability

    1. The association is not liable to its members

      1. for personal injury and property damage on the club's premises,

      2. for lost or damaged items on the club's premises or in the club's premises.

    2. Rights of the members from the insurance contracts concluded by the association remain unaffected by the foregoing.

  15. Dissolution of the association
    If the association is dissolved, the remaining assets after covering the liabilities will be made available to the non-profit Württembergischen Golf-Verband eV Stuttgart, alternatively the Württembergischer Landessportbund, Sportkreis Tauber, for direct and exclusive use for recognized non-profit purposes of the sport.

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