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Andrew M. Limb


"It is only possible to be a good golfer,
if you master the basics.
My goal is to provide the golfer with technical,
physical and mental training
to help to his best possible abilities. "

Would you like to learn golf or improve your score? Our experienced golf instructor Andrew M. Limb is known as a PGA-Pro as a competent golf instructor far beyond the borders of Baden-Württemberg. The Englishman was already playing handicap 2 as a 15-year-old. In the 80s, he even got involved at the highest European level.

Since 1984 he has been training golf players of all skill levels as Head-Pro. First he gave golf lessons at the Phoenix Golf Club in England, and since 1996 at the Golf Club Bad Mergentheim.

Whether individual lessons, group lessons or a joint round of golf with the pro:
Andrew M. Limb covers the entire spectrum of modern golf training. With experience, know-how and state-of-the-art technology, the pro analyzes their swing together with their students. This not only ensures great progress for his students, but also a deep understanding of the sport of golf.
Andrew M. Limb is also happy to provide advice and assistance in the Pro-Shop when it comes to the right equipment: from the right golf clothing to a complete set of clubs.

Mobile: (0171) 84 61 869
You can also find more information on his website.

Newest technology

So that you can work optimally on your golf game and your progress can be measured and traced, we rely on the latest technology available in golf. Our heatable single huts are equipped with the most modern computer analysis programs . Various cameras record your swing from different perspectives in order to register every detail and thus to obtain a holistic picture of your movement sequence. We also rely on the internationally leading analysis software GASP, which is currently the best on the market in terms of accuracy, reliability and visualization options.

The 3D Doppler radar simultaneously measures the trajectory of the ball and shows the club head at the moment of impact.
You can then analyze your swing technique together with the Pro on 2 monitors. This makes it clear to the golfer how the sequence of movements has to be changed in order to achieve a better result. The videos will be available in your personal online portal after the course. In this way you can optimize your swing away from the driving range.

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