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Mission statement

Our mission statement consists of the elements vision, mission, values and key points of success.


To offer our members and visitors an extraordinary golf experience.

To carefully develop, maintain and present the golf course in accordance with the best professional advice, practices and standards, with an emphasis on providing the best possible playing conditions throughout the year.

Providing a rewarding membership experience, consistent with our core values, both on and off the field, by ensuring that our services and facilities are of the highest standard possible while maintaining our financial stability and providing excellent value for money to our members .

To maintain and promote our proud heritage and traditions while we work together in innovative, progressive and enjoyable ways to realize our vision for Bad Mergentheim Golf Club.

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  • A member-run, family-friendly, sociable community of golfers with shared goals and aspirations held together by our love of the game.

  • We strive to be an integral part of the local community.




  • We work together with integrity and professionalism in the best interests of our golf club to execute our strategy and achieve our goals.

  • Inclusive, consistent and transparent in our decision-making.

  • We share information and communicate clearly and simply.



  • We focus on continuously improving our golf activities.

  • We consult regularly with our members and external professional organizations in order to find new ideas for all activities of our club.


We want to have a member-based, family-friendly golf club known for its open atmosphere.

With a golf course and facilities of the highest quality possible that provide a comfortable and challenging experience for golfers of all ages and abilities.




  • We are loyal and respectful guardians of our golf club, its heritage and its culture.

  • Individually and collectively, we are committed to upholding the spirit and rules of golf as established by the R&A.

  • We offer a friendly, caring and respectful environment for all of our members, visitors, guests, employees, partners and sponsors.




  • We strive to achieve the highest possible standards and want to reach our maximum potential in everything we do.

  • We believe and work to offer our members, guests and visitors the highest quality of service.

  • We build our future on the basis of the best possible performance.

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Key points of our success


Our members are the lifeblood of our club and we do everything to help our members  to hold and inspire in order to give stability to our club.


Our board of directors, secretariat and team captains are coordinated and work with the best collective intentions of our club.

The Course

Maintaining a high quality course with highly professional greenkeeping staff.


Finance and leadership

The club is run professionally with an effective and efficient management structure (board, secretariat, team leader).

The management works in accordance with our vision.


A friendly and welcoming environment is maintained for both members and guests.

We manage our guest bookings so that our members can get a good selection of tee times every day of the week.


We are a club that warmly welcomes visitors.

The income from visitors is used for the benefit of club members.

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